Sengis Bibliography

This sengi bibliography is considered virtually complete to date, and is maintained by Galen Rathbun, with past input from Peter Woodall, Dieter Kock, and Patricia Holroyd.

A PDF version of the 15 July 2015 alphabetical bibliography can be downloaded here. For a version that is updated and can be searched, follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have Mendeley on your computer, you must register and download the free software at: If you have the software, go to # 4.
  2. During the download, skip all the windows asking you to populate the bibliography, and then log out of the desktop application.
  3. In order to proceed, you must go to your email inbox and confirm your email to Mendeley.
  4. Go to: This is a web site that contains the bibliography, but it can not be searched.
  5. On the home screen you need to log in with your Mendeley information, then you want to click the green tab “follow this group”. Lastly, you want to return to the desktop application and log in (upper right tab).
  6. The sengi bibliography should be listed under the heading “groups” on the left. Open the group and then hit the tab near the top of the screen “documents”, which should populate the screen with citations. You may need to hit the “sync” tab at the top of the screen to populate the group.
  7. A PDF document describing the free-form search function in the upper right screen, and the filters in the lower left screen, can be downloaded here.
  8. As a “follower” you can do searches and filters, but due to Mendeley limitations you can not join the Mendeley “Sengi Group” and add, remove or edit citations.
  9. If you find citation errors please report them to Galen Rathbun for correction.